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The Energy Turnaround doesn’t need subsidies anymore, but more encouraged citizens and smart investors!
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Solar History

Full service package portfolio

Integrated Best Practice Solutions and Services to enable your
Energy Turnaround!

1. Local Energy Communities ('EC')

  2. Local EC and Energy Trading
  3. Local energy storage and reuse via energy vectors
    1. Electricity (i.e. via batteries)
    2. Gases (i.e. via Hydrogen and fuel cells)
  4. Mobility on renewable energy
    1. Local solutions
    2. Cross regional solution approach

2. Energy Efficiency Compliance

  1. Energy audits for buildings
  2. Energy efficiency certification for buildings
  3. Energy audits for industries (SME)
  4. Energy management
  5. Implantation of energy management systems
  6. Public funding

3. Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions ('IRES')

  1. The power of Solar Energy
  2. Solar Thermal
  3. Photovoltaic
  4. Alternative Renewable Energy solutions
    1. Micro wind
    2. Micro hydropower and local water supply
    3. Waste liquid/solid and bio mass