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Current energy systems...

  2. Key Parameter Comparison US-DE-ES (2010)
  3. Conclusions

1. Status Quo:

The examples provided on this page supposedly help to reveal some true and alerting facts about actual energy system constellations in leading industry countries, like the U.S., Spain and Germany.

This provides sufficient proof to emphasize on the importance of an accelerated establishment of new decentralized energy system architectures and business models, like ENERGY COMMUNITIES (‘EC’) based on DECENTRALIZED ENERGY CLUSTER (‘DEC’).

In these countries, with their leading energy generation and transmission technology companies, those critical facts about current system constellations are often less known and have been eluded from the public discussion…

Common sense and the facts presented on the “Mi Energía Solar” Service Portal raise the further questions:

  1. Did this system ever make sense and should it be promoted continuously by further extensions of the existing out-of-date network..?
  2. Who will benefit from that…?

2. Key Parameter Comparison US-DE-ES (2010)

Key parameter comparison national energy provisioning systems, US-DE-ES 2010


3. Conclusions

A new energy strategy, determined to act as a guideline throughout the next decades, is urgently needed.

However, it can only be done based on a clean analysis of the actual energy supply system status, which is presented here in extracts.