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My Solar Energy / My RENERGY

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The Energy Turnaround doesn’t need subsidies anymore, but more encouraged citizens and smart investors!
Associate yourself now to this mainstream with our innovative and cost-efficient full service packages for your property, business and community!

My Benefits

from applying Renewable Energy Solutions:

  1. Improve energy efficiency/provisioning on my properties or commercial/company buildings/processes
  2. Reduce energy costs, as a major key performance indicator and competitive advantage
  3. Benefit ASAP from the Spanish Electricity Feed Act 2010 compensation for renewable energy (electricity) fed in to the national grid
  4. Increasing independency from potential Peak-Oil threat impacts through sustained reduction of dependency from the conventional energy provisioning systems. Those centralized systems are out-of-date and their further extensions are entirely obsolete!
  5. Contribute to an impact reduction on global warming, caused by substantial CO2 emissions on the conventional energy generation system, with its inevitable carbon footprint
  6. Benefit from early collaboration and constructive membership in local ENERGY COMMUNITIES
  7. Contribute to a turnaround for current tendencies, that especially in the private sector, foreign residents in Spain take the lead (>80%), if it comes to early bird investments into renewable energy solutions (i.e. Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic)