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What we need, is a clear an official commitment for a dominantly decentralized energy supply system, which converts the energy only, where it’s actually needed. Not even a single (old or new) nuclear, coal or gas power plants would be needed to supply the energy actually required to meet the local and national energy demand. But all this is achievable only if the sources are used “by their nature”, depending on local existing renewable sources of energy. They have to be used locally within a maximum radius of 15 kilometers, to be prepared for future wireless energy transmission technology application, with their 15km intersection distance limits, due to curvature of the earth. Requiring only small storage capacity, these autonomous units can therefore also be utilized to cover all transportation services in and cross their region, too. The necessary facilities should in each case be used and operated locally and above all, they have to be owned by the consumers.

This will change the consumer behavior in households, SME`s, industry and transport automatically into the right direction. The corresponding savings will be based on the shared roles of almost autonomous simultaneous power conversion from renewable sources and its application.

The corresponding system will be the most efficient and also the most secure energy supply system. It can propel constructive acting countries and regions to the forefront of the Renewable Energy race in the coming years, alleviating today`s fears of dependency on uncertain foreign and expensive supplies of imported fossil fuels.

With “Out of the Box” thinking and new infrastructures like the one mentioned here, we can save more energy than our collective imagination may allow us to believe.

As a next step, we will need strong and responsible individuals (politicians and entrepreneurs) who understand how to transfer these ideas to our population, bringing them to discussions on open and unbiased forums.

The concepts can then be implemented rapidly in the local area and be adapted efficiently to other areas. All the necessary components and processes for this transition phase are in part known for years and already exist. What is needed is to provide “only” the meaningful connections to create a new and much better picture.